Roadshow: The NGK Global 2020 International Tour in London grandly held

According to NGK official news, the British community of NGK Global recently held a grand project roadshow in London, United Kingdom. It has been recognized by many well-known companies in the traditional physical industry, financial field, and blockchain field, and they will sign a series of related cooperation agreements.

At the beginning of the event, the representative of NGK Global's British community introduced NGK Global to the participants, which is headquartered in the United States and has operation centers in multiple countries. He further explained that it is an independent global blockchain project and currently has an MSB license from US. The platform aims to create a safe, efficient, convenient and open digital network for institutions, merchants and users.

Later, he shared the phased results obtained by NGK Global and its future development plans. He said that NGK Global always puts the interests of users first, and continuously optimizes and upgrades the products. At the same time, the platform will work with industry partners with great sincerity to create in-depth cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.

In the next session, the special guest and representative of USA International Covenant INC discussed a topic entitled "opportunities and challenges of the new model in physical industry and digital economy under the new trend". The representative of USA International Covenant INC pointed out, “The market is getting more rational and valuable, and with that, the investors should change their investment thinking and focus on a new direction.”

NGK Global aims to serve the future of "encrypted digital economy and society", where the digital economy and society = blockchain + physical industry. In the next two years, NGK Global is expected to accumulate more than 20 million community fans in this field and activate a huge amount of digital assets. Under the introduction of community representatives, NGK Global was recognized by the institutions and community representatives. The market is huge, and NGK will surely grow especially with the qualified NGK Global team members. It will venture deep into the blockchain and be familiar with the high-tech industries! It is a cutting-edge technology project aimed at the wave of the combination of the blockchain economy and the real industry!

Regarding the current trend of DeFi, the representative of the Spirit Stone technical team said, “The DeFi market has reached the mid-term stage, and the market is currently in the early stage of bull market. As DeFi continue to emerge and develop, it will bring more power to the industry."

During the interaction, the participants exchanged their views on the industry in amidst laughter. The "NGK Global International Tour" in London Station was successfully held. NGK Global will continue to work with many industry partners, continue to innovate, jointly promote the development of the digital economy, and create a better future in the digital age. 

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