NGK Global's New York station roadshow boosts the development of blockchain finance

Citing foreign media, the world's top blockchain project NGK Global held a grand roadshow in New York, USA on June 4th. The executives of USA International Covenant INC, representatives of various communities and investment bankers came to participate and jointly focused on the technological innovation of blockchain. The representatives of the American community and the participants witnessed the highlight moment of the NGK project!

This roadshow will focus on the wonderful sharing of the implementation of blockchain technology, blockchain financial development and other topics.

American Roadshow speaker Viko said that the blockchain has always been popular among users because of its immutability, transparency, low cost, and anonymity.

At present, from the perspective of development, the blockchain is mainly developing in two directions. The first is financial derivatives, and the second is commercial applications, that is, a currency system for fast payment.

Taking NGK as an example, from the perspective of financial derivatives, users can use NGK to perform contract delivery and currency transactions on the platform. From a business perspective, NGK can be used as a token, and users can purchase a variety of products on the APP.

Viko said that the application of blockchain in the financial field will help the development of the financial industry, making it safer, fairer and more usable.

Again taking NGK as an example, any user can register an account for free, which greatly reduces the threshold for users to use.

Secondly, the NGK blockchain adopts an encryption protection mechanism where each user has a public key and a private key. The private key can only be owned by the user, hence, the digital assets are effectively protected and it is more secure.

Third, the NGK blockchain is non-tamperable and transparent. Whether it is for companies or users that use it, it greatly enhances the trust of companies and users.

Viko, a representative of the New York community, believes that blockchain has promoted the integration of finance and entities. No matter from which point of view, the financial and non-financial sectors are fundamentally complementary. Part of the profit of the financial sector depends largely on the physical sector.

This roadshow boosted the integration of the financial and physical industries, which is conducive in promoting a win-win situation between the financial and the entities and improving the size and structure of the physical sector. Whether it is financial or entity, it has effectively avoided the imbalance of internal structure and the out-of-control of financial innovation and solved the problem of uneven distribution of finance and entity. This will promote the transformation of the real economy to the digital economy and also promote the development of blockchain finance.

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