2021 NGK NYE party ended successfully in San Francisco

On January 1, 2021, California time, the NGK NYE party ended successfully in San Francisco, USA..

The 2021 NGK NYE party adopts a full live broadcast method and invites the NGK users around the world to watch it together. The number of users who watched the live broadcast of NYE party that evening was as high as tens of thousands. There were many messages in the comment section and the audience was excited.

The guests attending the NGK NYE party include the core members of UICI, they are: the Chairman of Investment Council of UICI, president, and the founder of NGK, TYLER ADAMS BRADBERRY; the Chief Risk Officer of UICI, KYLE TEDFORD; the Chief Financial Officer of UICI, HANNAH WHITE; Investment Approval Officer, SHON WEBB; Chief Operating Officer, BILL RAY; Head of global businesses, MAX SMITH; Fund Pre-review Manager, JILLIAN MURPHY; as well as the core members of the NGK Spirit Stone team: the Chief Technology Officer, STEPHEN LITAN; Vice President of Technology, Daphne Patel; Technology Director, CLIFTON GILLEY, Data Engineer, SAHIL GUPTA, and the Core Architect, DANIEL BOLSONARO.

The NGK prepared the facial graffiti room, dining area and cigar room for guests attending the NYE party, so that they can do face painting and choose their favorite props; before the party starts, the guests dine in the restaurant area and enjoy the exquisite food as well as champagne prepared by NGK; guests who like cigars can enjoy the cigars in the guest room or cigar room provided by NGK. 

HANNAH WHITE, the chief financial officer of UICI, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the NGK NYE party. She summarized the performances of NGK in 2020, and the phased victory achieved by NGK. In the next 2021, NGK will continue work hard to complete the blueprint outlined in the "two-year plan". Hannah stated that in 2021, the NGK will gradually complete the application of eight major sectors, including sports, new energy, digital economy, entertainment, finance, real estate, wine, and healthcare. 

After HANNAH's speech, the jazz band performed, and several key figures of NGK also delivered their New Year greetings to the audience. After the performance of the jazz band, the party begun, and everyone enjoyed the dance while the DJ brought the atmosphere to a climax. The one-and-a-half-hour of NGK NYE party was full of enthusiasm, the guests were excited, and the performances were brilliant, creating an unforgettable NYE grand ceremony.

After the countdown, they continued to party, and the 2021 NGK NYE has successfully come to an end.

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