Announcement for the second round of SPC computing power airdrop

Dear NGK global users:

We are honored to inform you that due to the great market response for the SPC airdrop, in order to thank our global users for your support to the NGK computing power market, we will begin the second round of SPC airdrop on January 22. The number of airdrops will be according to the amount of computing power held. The airdrop rules are as follows:

Divide the total amount of 2 million airdrops by the total amount of computing power in the entire network is equal to how many tokens are airdropped for each computing power. For example, if the total computing power of the entire network is 5 million, then 2 million divided by 5 million = 0.4, so each computing power holder can obtain 0.4 SPC. If you hold 1000 computing power, then you will obtain 400 SPC (the airdrop is not available to invalid users).

Note: All rights reserved by the NGK.

We will launch more activities regularly and continuously to reward and support our evangelists in the computing market.

Thank you for your continued support.


Stay tunned:

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