IPFS storage ecology

Cloud computing power market, distributed industry, smart contract storage, algorithm CDN, transaction data, civilized data, application scenarios, payment fields, token assets, intellectual property, NGK.IO will provide a full set of solutions for IPFS mining.

DeFi Financial Ecology

Financing, investment, savings, credit, clearing, cross-border transactions, commercial insurance, exchanges, financial derivatives transactions, through the core sector to create a highly decentralized DeFi ecosystem, and launch blockchain financial derivatives.

DAPP application ecology

Ecological applications include games, mining, wallets, advertising, shopping malls, and the creation of decentralized OTC. NGK.IO will promote the business ecosystem established by smart contracts, and further promote the prosperity of the NGK blockchain through applications.

Token Economic Ecology

You can digitize traditional economic rights and interests, such as digital issuance of cash, deposits, foreign exchange, bonds, securities, and futures, or individual rights and interests, such as patents, intellectual property rights, and bills, etc., to effectively connect the real economy.

Supply Chain Ecology

To help the NGK business economy land, connect the physical merchants to the blockchain industry ecology, and users of the platform can also participate in it, and enjoy the complete supply chain system such as decentralized product traceability, logistics tracking, and information verification.

Enterprise side chain ecology

From its own technical point of view, it assists companies to develop sidechain protocols, aiming to achieve a two-way anchoring relationship, which generates economic effects through the binding of sidechains and the main chain. Users can access the enterprise's asset system through NGK assets.

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